Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feeling Blessed!!! ♥

Feeling very blessed today!  I work in an IT department for the biggest Hospice in the US (Suncoast Hospice).  We have about 1,200 employees and maybe 700 or so work at the same service center (office complex) that I work in. 

Well, in the last two weeks I have had two people that I work with and have lost weight on the Take Shape For Life (TSFL) program give me their leftover food they are no longer eating.  They are both on maintenance. 

The VP of my department gave me 6 boxes of the beef stew, 2 boxes of tomato soup, 1 box of chicken noodle and 1 box of chicken wild rice.  I was stunned! She told me she is so proud of me and wants me to keep up the good work.  She says she is no longer eating these (the soups) anymore.

Then another co-worker from our Admission Department dropped off 1 box of Maryland Crab soup, 1 box of Chicken Noodle, 1 box of Chicken Wild Rice, 1 box of Vanilla Pudding and several packets of different stuff.  She has lost 55 lbs on TSFL (Medifast) for a total of 106 lbs.  I was flabbergasted.  She and I are now email buddies and she is offering her support anytime I need it.

I was sort of bumming out because finances are pretty tight right now and I wasn't sure how I could afford another month of food.  Then these two people I work with give me their food out of nowhere -- both told me they are showing their support and want to help me reach my goal.  :)

On top of that I ended up with an $80 credit from my health coach because I had made a small mini order after my first monthly order and because it was under the $225 I didn't get my 2nd week of free food.  She told me she didn't think to tell me that placing an order in between my monthly orders would stop the 2nd week of free food so she credited my account $80!

WOW -- I am truly blessed!!! ♥


Hollie said...

I have your box ready to go to the post office when I get off work.. there are ready to drink shakes, shake mix, brownies, capuccino, several boxes of bars. Hopefully that will help you out!

Mary Jane said...

Thank you, Hollie!!! We may not be on the Medifast journey together any more but WE are definitely together in search for a healthier lifestyle journey. I appreciate you thinking of me and giving me your un-used food. I appreciate that you support my success (as I do yours) and will stay in touch with you!


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Lorrine Anis said...

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