Tuesday, June 29, 2010

REMEMBER: This too shall pass ...



I applaud you!!! I recently went on vacation and knew before I started Medifast I was going to be on "vacation" from my diet in June.

Let me tell you, I didn't binge but I had a lot of the "WRONG" foods. I couldn't eat everything on my plate (as you predicted would happen when you wrote this blog).

I must admit that I gained 4.8 lbs that week. I came home, got back on Medifast and lost 5.2 lbs in the first 3 days and I'm still losing.

HOWEVER, all I have thought about since I've been home is if I gained 4.8 lbs that quickly -- what the heck am I gonna do when I get to the transition phase?

OK -- I will admit that TOM was a factor that week but I still didn't like how I felt!!! I couldn't wait to get home (FROM VACATION) so I could get back on plan! That's sad when you want to get back home from vacation!!!

I was nerved up over my son's wedding and I didn't eat much at the wedding but I did have a piece of the wedding cake and that was the probably the best off program thing I had the entire the trip.

ALL the things I had that was off plan using the "only these foods are in my home town" excuse didn't even taste as good as I hoped they would. OK, they smelled good and tasted good but I hated how I felt after I ate them!!!

The lesson learned here is that I still have a long way to go on this journey. Not only the amount of weight I need to lose but my "relationship with food" has a long way to go, too!!!

God bless you for having gotten through your planned binge. As they say, "This too shall pass!" and for you it did.

Your little one is in my thoughts and prayers!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Down 42 lbs in 3 months!!! :)

June 5th is my 3 month anniversary from starting the TSFL plan using Medifast replacment meals. I am happy to report that I have lost 42 lbs in 3 months!!! I will admit that I would have liked it to be more but that was always my problem with "diets" in the past. They didn't work fast enough.

Well, an average of 3+ lbs per week is pretty darn good and I am going to be content with that pace. I have noticed signicant changes in me and with food. I had a very disappointing day a few weeks ago. I went on a job interview, which would have been a fantastic promotion for me and I didn't get the job. :( The amazing thing was I didn't want to binge over it. WOW -- that is HUGE for me.

Here I was driving home -- knowing that my dream job had just eluded me and I was crying but at the same time the thought of saying "F**k it!" popped into my head for a moment. My next thought was, "No matter how bad you feel right now -- eating yourself into oblivion is not the answer!"

I may have been upset -- but I had a victory that day. I may not have realized it so much then as I do now -- definitely a victory for me!

I am leaving June 9th to go home to Central New York (Syracuse Area) for my son's wedding. I will admit that I was hoping to lose around 5 lbs a week which would have been about 70 lbs. Well, TSFL guarantees 2.5 - 5 lbs per week and I have consistently lost on average 3 lbs per week. Monthly female changes affect the scale but overall it catches up. I had one week where I only lost .2 lbs but the next day after my weigh-in day I dropped 2.4 lbs, which was calculated into the following weeks weigh-in day.

I have basically learned that my weight fluctuates at certain times of the month and I need to be patient. I have also learned that if I just stay focused on "keeping it simple" and simply hang in there -- the scale does move again.

Have I been true 100% on this program? Honestly, I have not been 100% so I need take an inventory of those times and account for them when I return home from my son's wedding. I plan to hit this program "true to form" when I return.

From June 10th - June 14th while I am up home I plan on being mindful of what I am consuming but I am not planning on doing Medifast 100% while I am on vacation. The key word here is on "vacation" and that means from everything (including my diet). Some folks balk at that but the truth is even healthy people at a normal healthy weight take a "vacation" from eating healthy when they are on vacation. My eventual goal on TSFL is to learn how to eat like a "normal" weight person.

I am on vacation and I do not need the "guilt" nor the "stress" of what I can and cannot have while I am away. I will have some Medifast foods for my breakfast and snacks and I will make the best choices I can make for my meals but that is what I will need to be doing when I get to the transition and maintenance phases of TSFL so this is just a "practice" run. :)

I will check in here when I return to let y'all know how the wedding went and how I did when I return home and hop on the scale. LOL

Until then -- happy trails ..............