Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 Months on Take Shape For Life (Medifast)

Today, May 5, 2010 (Cinco de Mayo) is my 2-month anniversary since I began my "diet" with the Take Shape For Life (TSFL) program. How it works is I eat 5 nutritionally fortified replacement meals by Medifast and eat 1 Lean & Green meal each day. It is the simplest way of eating I have ever tried.

Well, I am happy to report that I am ↓34 lbs. in two months! YAY ME!!!!! :)

I still have a very long way to go but when I see the scale is moving on an average of 17 lbs. per month -- that motivates me to stick with it!!! :)

I will be honest here folks, the scale has slowed down the last few weeks. I guess you could say I hit a plateau on TSFL. Well, I increased my water intake and I have also added the Medifast's "Flavor Infusors" I ordered this month and I think that has helped to get the scale moving again. I am being more "mindful" of my Lean & Green choices too.

As much as I love the Cauliflower Pizza, I have decided to only have that on occasion when I am really needing a pizza fix. I'm not sure why but 1 cup of reduced fat cheese in one meal was definitely slowing my efforts. I seem to have gotten the "need to eat pizza" out of my system, though. I have been reading and working on Dr. A's Habits of Health so I can identify what my issues with food are and finally "feel, deal, and heal" from this food addiction.

Recently, another blogger friend of mine posted an article on seeing her reflection in a window and how that made her painfully aware of how large she still is and I could totally identify with her pain. I, too, am quite large and my mind plays tricks on me. I "deny" that I am as big as I am (like I don't know that I am fat) but for some reason I avoid looking at a full length mirror or avoid getting my picture taken so I can stay in my little world of denial. Denial is a BIG factor in addiction. DENIAL = Don't Even Notice I Am Lying (to myself)!

Well, I did take "Before" photos when I started this program. However, I am too embarassed to post them until I can take new ones that show me with a significant weight loss. The shame and remorse is too much right now for me to post my "Before" photos to show the world. Acceptance is a very hard thing when you break free from the denial and accept that no one else is responsible for how I got here except ME. I am where I am because of my own eating habits. No one made me eat the way I was eating. I am responsible for my circumstances (despite genetics) because I am the one who allowed myself to eat the way I was eating and not do anything about it until 2 months ago.

Don't get me wrong, I have verbalized that I am a food addict before BUT I never accepted what that meant so I kept on eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I will become a slave to food if I don't remain "mindful" of every meal I prepare and eat. That is why this program is so easy for me -- it takes the "thinking" part out of it except for the Lean & Green meal. Even then there is a list of what I can and cannot have so that keeps it simple, too!!! I love to keep it simple!!! :)

All I can say is I am finally on my "weigh" to a healthier weight and lifestyle -- THANKS to TSFL and Medifast!!!

Kis MJ


Winner at a Losing Game said...

Glad to see you are continuing on Medifast. I love the plan. It takes the guess work away and I always feel full.

KisMJ said...

I couldn't agree with you more! :)